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At Lizard Post, our services are carefully selected to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Based in Dayton, we have taken feedback and suggestions very seriously since day one, because we know it’s of the utmost importance to continue to improve and provide better service to our customers. By focusing on customer satisfaction above all else, we have been able to always take our customer's needs to heart. Drop in or contact us through our booking form to see!

How Did We Start?

Lizard Post is a company that connects consumers to coupons from local businesses.
We were established in 2017 with the vision of helping people locate and have access to coupons from local businesses. We also wanted local businesses to have the ability to offer customers, new and returning, discounts for their patronage. If we can help people try new businesses locally and save money while giving businesses a way to reach out to people in the community, we feel we have done our job and have made our vision a reality.

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect local businesses to consumers through coupon offers. There are many businesses that offer the same products or services, and we are here to help you stand out from the competition.

By offering consumers coupons it allows new clientele the opportunity to experience what your company has to offer and reminds previous customers of how great you are. Everyone loves a good deal and consumers are no different.

If you would like to post a coupon from your business on our website we do have several plans for you to choose from.

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